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About MIFA

The Common Strengths of MIFA Member Organisations

As a group of long-standing membership based organisations, we currently have more than 80 ‘front doors’ across Australia. We are building a national network that delivers local solutions based on our common strengths which are:

• We know from experience that recovery of a better quality of life is possible for everyone affected by mental illness
• We work with and alongside participants and members of our organisations in every program, whether as staff, managers, peers, volunteers or board members
• Peers—consumers, carers, families, friends—are at the heart of all our program design, governance, delivery and evaluation—and our services are better for that
• We work closely with families, carers and friends as well as the person with a mental illness,  including those who are hard to reach
• Our objectives are holistic -- we work to assist individuals and families in their journey to recover mental health, physical health, social connectedness and equal opportunity in all aspects of life.
• We educate and advocate to help build a community where people with mental illness are accepted and valued, and where carers are supported and validated
• Our national federation strengthens all of us in our efforts to be innovative and reflective in all of our practices -- and to become well-enough known to ensure no-one misses out on available help
• We give priority to persuading funders, policy makers, politicians and potential corporate sponsors to invest in community resources which reflect these common strengths
• We don’t do it all, nor do we want to – our collaborations with other service providers ensure that our front doors will always lead to the best local services

MIFA gives an Australian voice to international mental health networks – we are members of the World Federation for Mental Health and the World Fellowship of Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders and we have links with the US National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 

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