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Bequest Grants

Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grant

About Tecwyn Jones

Tecwyn was a member of MIFWA's Lorikeet Centre from its beginnings in 1994. He regularly attended the weekly lunches in the days when the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA (MIFWA) was the Schizophrenia Fellowship of WA. He was a popular and generous member and had a keen interest in all people. He enjoyed the friendship and support he received through the Lorikeet Centre and MIFWA and regarded all who attended as members of his family.

When Tecwyn passed away in 2004, he bequeathed a generous amount of money to MIFWA, to be shared equally between the Lorikeet Centre in West Leederville and the Mental Illness Fellowship of WA. Since 2004, these funds have been invested and the interest from the investment has been used across both services.

Annual Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants

The MIFWA Board of Management decided in May 2007 that the interest from the Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants investment would now be used to set up an annual grants program to benefit people with mental illness and the carers/families of MIFWA.

In setting up the Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants Program, MIFWA hopes to pay ongoing tribute to Tecwyn’s memory through the provision of regular annual grants that will benefit recipients of MIFWA’s services.

The current interest will be divided equally between people with mental illness and carers/families each year.

How the grants work

The maximum amount that can be applied for is $1,000 per individual/couple.

Examples of activities are attending a conference, enrolling for a training course, purchasing a musical instrument, a short respite break, purchasing resources or a course/workshop/conference.

Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants - Guidelines for applicants

To apply you must a MIFWA member and be accessing services through MIFWA and have a diagnosed mental illness or be the carer/family/friend of a person with a diagnosed mental illness.

You must demonstrate that the money will be used to improve your quality of life and/or assist in the journey towards recovery.

Individuals will not be eligible to apply within three consecutive years.

The MIFWA Board of Management takes individual circumstances into account. However, as funds are limited, applications where the funding requested is able to be matched either dollar for dollar, or less, will be looked on favourably. The grants are awarded during Schizophrenia Awareness Week in May each year. 

Tecwyn Jones Bequest Grants- Application Form

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