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The Schizophrenia Fellowship of SA was formed in 1983 by relatives concerned about the serious difficulties often faced by their loved ones living with schizophrenia. The name was changed in 2002 to the Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia to better reflect the organisation’s scope in dealing with the needs of all South Australians living with mental illness.

In 2006, the Mental Illness Fellowship of SA and the Mood Disorders Association (SA) amalgamated in order to present a stronger voice in lobbying for improved services and outcomes for those living with mental illness and their families. A new constitution was developed to represent the interests of both organisations.

The Mood Disorders Association (SA) Inc. was formed in 1983 by concerned relatives of those living with manic depression. The organisation was originally called Manic Depressive Psychosis (MDP) Support Group and was later changed to Mood Disorders Association of SA to better represent those accessing the services. Mood Disorders Association (SA) always had a strong focus on community education and support services for people with mental illness and carers.

The Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia (MIFSA) is a member of the national organisation, the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia. The Fellowship has members in South Australia, Victoria, NSW, WA, Queensland, North Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.


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