Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are easy to read and understand, practical, short and information-rich.

They also cross-refer to allied mental illness conditions and treatments, and provide valuable information sources and useful contacts.

Download them here free of charge.


Understanding the illnesses

Understanding psychosis
Understanding depression
Understanding anxiety
Understanding schizophrenia
Understanding schizoaffective disorder
Understanding bipolar disorder
Understanding borderline personality disorder
Understanding suicide and mental illness
Psychosis - General information


Information for family and friends or people with mental illness

Frequently asked questions about Mental Illness
Collaborating with Professionals
Signs of mental illness and what to do
What friends and family can do
Family and carer support
Understanding guilt
Understanding worry
Effective communication


Mental Illness and drugs and alcohol

Understanding dual diagnosis
Bipolar disorder and alcohol and drug use
Ecstasy and depression
Substance Use - stages of change model
Cannabis and psychosis
Heroin and psychosis


Mental Illness theory and models

Stress vulnerability coping model of mental illness
Biopsychosocial Model
Beautiful Minds can be reclaimed
Psychiatric medication
Phases in a crisis


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